As Fresh as Spring

One of the best items I ever bought this year has been a crystal deodorant. It is an opaque push-up mineral salt oval in a plastic container. It is the same price as other more mainstream sprays or roll-ons but the quality of this product and how much it lasts are simply outstanding features!

First I have been using a mineral salt crystal deodorant for over a year now. I have tried different brands from Loccitane to The Healthy Option, and I believe quality of both of the brands of deodorant to have been outstanding.

I personally prefer The Healthy Option one due to its packaging: it has a plastic cap and is easier to hold, being very similar to a stick deodorant. The Loccitane one is more like a round bar of soap, and sadly it is very easy to drop and break, which is why I had to replace it. Be careful not to chip to crystal’s smooth surface, it can get quite sharp if dropped. Both of them felt very nice on the skin: not sticky at all and they worked better than any other deodorant I’ve used before. There are many benefits to this type of deodorant: It is quite natural, it has no odor, does not stain, does not block pores. And my personal favorite: it isn’t a liquid, so you can always have it in your carry-on luggage during low-cost flights, plus it isn’t bulky like a spray. It generally works very well for 12 hours: amazing for odor control.

Crystal Deodorant

  • Before use, wash up and moisten the deodorant, apply, and then dry the crystal in order to keep it long lasting. Mine has been lasting for more than 5 months now, and there is still more than half left.
  • It is great for sensitive skin due to the fact it does not contain any perfume, alcohol or aluminium chlorohydrate, or any other irritating chemicals for that matter.
  • Try to buy items like these from Amazon if they have good, numerous, and thorough reviews or research them through forums. There are many fake ‘natural deodorants’ that might turn out to be very bad for your skin. I usually research all beauty products I buy to make sure that I only use well- rated items that are legitimate.

“Success is a great deodorant. It takes away all your past smells.”

 Elizabeth Taylor