On the dark side of the moon

Today I want to write about my personal experience with dark eye circles. If you were born with them like me, trust me, I know how you feel… There is absolutely everything I tried to combat these nasty things that always make me look as if I only had a two-hour sleep. It is incredibly frustrating… That is one of the reasons I never ever have the courage to go out of the house completely without make-up.  Even if you weren’t born with dark circles, you will know how hard it is to cover them up with a concealer after having had a rough night.

I won’t lie to you. This is not going to be yet another blog post about “miracle” remedies for dark circles. I will tell you honestly what I think about those miracle cures and what really “helped” me, and I am not saying that I found something that completely vanished my dark circles. But there is some stuff that can make it EASIER for you to cover them up.

First of all the stuff that didn’t work for me. Cold slices of cucumber for example. There are brilliant for swollen eyes but showed no effect whatsoever on the dark shadows under my eyes. Also potato slices did not help to diminish the dark circles. However, here I have to stress again that I am only writing about my personal experiences, so these remedies might work for you. 

Now the stuff that worked for me. Relaxation and a lot of sleep are two of my personal favourites. I know, I know… you might think: Duuuh! Tell me something I don’t know… Well, I have to tell you that this is the most potent remedy I can offer you. Even if your dark shadows are innate, with a lot of sleep and a feeling of inner peace those nasty things under your eyes will be at least a little diminished. A healthy diet (I know…again “duuh”) will give you naturally a healthier complexion and so fewer people will notice your little predicament…

I mentioned in my last post that I normally use almond oil for my face and neck in the mornings as moisturizer. Now I have read that almond oil also helps you to diminish dark circles which came as a surprise to me. I never thought that my beloved almond oil could help me combating the shadows under my eyes. Well, it did not combat it, but slightly diminished it which is just great! (My boyfriend even told me that he did not notice any dark shadows in the mornings. Note: I was completely without make-up!)

Right, so after applying a thin (!) layer of almond oil under my eyes, I like to use a light eye cream. I usually use one with Vitamin E, SPF and glittery particles (don’t worry, you won’t look like the girls at the Carnival of Rio). The particles will just help to illuminate your eye area and thus give you an additional cover-up. Remember to always use your ring finger when you apply the cream and not your index finger that is able to press too hard on the delicate eye area and causes wrinkles. Now would be the time to apply your concealer or just keep it natural. Below I will show you a “before-after” picture of my own eye area, so you can judge for yourself whether you see a significant change or not.

Now, ladies, always remember to take great care of your eye area, but please don’t obsess with your minor flaws. At one point I got so paranoid about my dark eye circles that that was all I saw when I looked into the mirror. Find a lovely person who thinks you are the most beautiful person, with or without dark shadows under your eyes and you will feel like you are the most beautiful person in the world!

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My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.

Anna M. Uhlich