Miracle soap!

In my search for a new item to try out I end up discovering some amazing little secrets! One of the highest rated products I found was African Black Soap (Anago Soap, Alata Simena,or Ose Dudu). It is not much pricier than regular soap, nor is it prettier or better smelling. On the contrary, the dark brown color and the natural, strange smell are far from attractive, but it did make me initially very optimistic about its’ ingredients, being less refined than regular soaps. It is 100% natural and handmade, with a high percent of Shea butter, coconut oil , and cocoa ash. High in vitamins, such as A and E, it is nourishing and gentle, especially to sensitive or aging skin. But it is also thought to heal acne and blemishes. It can be used not only for cleaning the face, but also for washing the body and hair.

From what I read it is made from the ash of sun-dried and roasted plants such as palm tree leaves or the bark of the Shea tree. It is based on traditional African recipes, and used in tribes particularly in Ghana.

I have been washing my face and body regularly with the African Black Soap, and have noticed no new breakouts. Since my boyfriend has been regularly washing his hair with it, being more adventurous than I am, I gathered up the courage and tried it too. It is definitely just as good for me as a normal shampoo.  I saw great results on my skin, as well as his. He uses it twice a day, once when he shaves, and once in the evening when he washes his face. I can definitely say it’s an amazing little purchase and will become an integral part of our household items.

  • The soap should be various shades of brown, but not black. If it’s black it isn’t genuine.

  • You only need very little, as it foams very nicely. It also lasts a very long time.

  • I have sensitive skin, but I have been able to use it on a daily basis without it irritating it.

  • If you wash your hair with it, you might not need a conditioner, as the soap is very moisturising. It also seems to clean just as well as a regular shampoo. 

  • From my experience, your hair might dry slower than usual after washed with African Black Soap.

  • Great way to use it as a scrub is to apply it with scrubbing gloves, rather than a body puff. Gets rid of the dead skin cells, moisturises and cleans better this way, and adds a nice, healthy shine to the skin.

The finest clothing made is a person’s own skin, but, of course, society demands something more than this. 

Mark Twain